Atlantic Man

with whom walk the long way short of our mortal life, seeking happiness … Careers the art of communicating, talking, etc. Which seems to have been forgotten lately in the face of the earth. The problem lies in ourselves, because we think that money, power and other pleasures, that life puts us within reach of his hand, which will rid us of worries nothing further. You think that love can not be bought or sold: it feels. If not, is not true love. Perhaps one, you, all …

we are our worst enemies and we are encouraging the possession of dead hearts (by hearts filled), which never give happiness to our neighbors. Love and you will be loved: here is a simple formula to take into account, to use it soon enough. A whole life plan perfectly viable and beautiful. Let’s relive the capacity for love in all of us, because love is illusion capacity to a person of mutual surrender, to share joys and sorrows that life has prepared. Love, work, culture: three premises and wonderful support, that give meaning to a life-long or short, “perhaps with a probable birth of a little boy … Somehow, if I must be honest, the loneliness is not good for anyone. When God created man, said: “It’s not good that man should be alone, I will help meet for him” (Genesis 2:18). And this is so.

Not long ago we discussed among friends, one day, the children would have to leave our respective homes, but when … and they left. It was full of happiness, and this is enough. My wife and I, last night we met eyes and in our silence, we saw two empty rooms. Is life. Our children flew over the Atlantic, seeking peace and tranquility.