Antonio Dorta

As a tremendous impedimenta, the enmity of the unions launched against Mussolini: dulling created by this maneuver to the fascist party was gigantic. Gentile that helped form ideologically fascism, where racism was not part of his ideology, at the worst moment helped flee to many Jewish scholars. D annunzio precursor of Italian fascism, suffers the arrest because it is considered dangerous to the fascist regime. Toscanini an ardent anti-capitalist and therefore sincere fascist leaves the party to see him become a violent and irrational and movement advocate of capitalist right that both helped fight in the beginning. That You led him to become a declared anti-fascist, campaigning and gathering money with his incomparable art all over the world against fascism. Similarly Primo de Rivera was annoyed when some sectors of the right, net beneficiaries of the capitalist system, is intended to fascists. Now we hear every day: La Patria, army, Antimarxismo, totalitarian State, I plead fascist and hundreds of things more. But everything as in a whirlwind, a fanfare, without that can know which mathematical law and law of love obey.

More that seems the invitation to a dance costume that the invitation to embark on a company religious and military to make history. Because they retained the main aspects of capitalism and away from settle them, strengthened them. as Antonio Dorta would say in his confession of a falangita: continued reducing wages, increasing working hours and the practice of the thousand abilities of exploited Spanish capitalism, against which there was no protest as possible, since the worker who did was branded red, what amounted to take the ticket for the Grand Tour. Fascism: Imitation and DEFORMATION almost in general, history accredits ideological, political authorship of fascism to Mussolini. Up to present it as the creator of his style, liturgy, symbology and name. But the word fascism derives from the word fascio (fascio lictorio).