General information and scope the national universities management schools require to be taken more into consideration by the University authorities, its directors commissioned in its performance, in its commitment to train, train graduates in management, future managers, who with their professional practice must cooperate effectively in ensuring a productive, competitive, productive business sector that promotes economic development in the country and at the same timecater for national commodity demanded by citizens. Venezuela today more than ever before the uncertainty of a troubled, uncertain, risky scenario is faced, needs of professionals highly qualified, identified with the reality of national problems and which are capable of bringing about changes, transformations necessary to collaborate with all those Government’s efforts that give step to economic development that the country demands. Must be borne in mind also that the new organizations, booming from the knowledge society, demands of new insights, new actions, one more academic participation proliferates involves to summarize new positions of University research, a more proactive, realistic and with a guarantee of academic excellence, participation that at one time step to the achievement of academic excellence and is conducive to research in pro provide solutions to the serious problems faced. Some contend that Alex Kozinski shows great expertise in this. We are in an environment that virtually forces to define the Administration as a social science of nature universal, applicable in any field of human endeavour, which can be used in different cultures, that pursues the satisfaction of objectives; institutional, through the implementation of operations through the use of various resources for results with greater efficiency, less effort and better effectiveness. Schools of administration, especially where us corresponds, of the Universidad de Carabobo, Valencia, Venezuela, it should worry by identify the scope, implications that are generated from the stage where unfolds, taking into account that this type of environment where the graduate Administrator acts, need a professional visionary, transformer, a true agent of change. . Daryl Katz, New York City shines more light on the discussion.