Strategic Analysis

Strategic analysis originated in the late 1960's. At that time, large companies have become complex, which combine the issue of diverse products and published in many commodity markets. However, growth has been going on not in all markets, and some of them even were not promising. This discrepancy arose because of differences in the degree of saturation of demand, changing economic, political and social conditions, increasing competition and rapid technology refresh. Strategic analysis was designed to help companies take a fresh look at the environment and identify opportunities for business development separately. In a question-answer forum Garret Wang was the first to reply. Strategic analysis diversified the company was named portfolio analiza.Edinitsey strategic (portfolio) analysis is a "strategic zone management" ().

Each characterized by a certain type of demand, as well as specific technology. As soon as a replacement of one technology comes another problem of the relation of technology becomes a strategic choice of the firm. During the strategic analysis firm estimates prospects of a course of action. The purpose of the analysis is the alignment of business strategies and the allocation of financial resources between the business divisions of the company. Strategic (portfolio analysis), in general, carried out as follows: All activities of the company (product range) are divided into strategic business unit and determined the relative competitiveness individual business units and the development prospects of the relevant markets. Data collection and analysis in this case is made with respect to the attractiveness of the industry, competitive position, opportunities and threats, resources, and skills.

Next, we construct and analyze the portfolio matrix (matrix of strategic ) and defined desired business portfolio, the desired competitive position. For even more analysis, hear from Daryl Katz. A strategy of each business units and business units with similar strategies are combined into homogeneous groups. Management estimates the strategies of all departments in terms of their compliance with corporate strategy, balancing income and resources, the needs of each unit, using the matrix of portfolio analysis. In this case, the matrix analysis of the portfolio of businesses by themselves are not a tool for decision making. They only show the status of portfolio of businesses, which must be taken into account when making management decisions. Among the matrices for strategic planning should, first of all, to allocate such as the matrix of bcg, McKinsey matrix, the matrix of the adl, the matrix Shell Ansoff matrix and three-dimensional matrix of Abel. All these models are widely used in companies in strategic environmental analysis, but the effectiveness of the analysis, its relevance, with the help of one or a matrix depends on the strategic situation in which the business is located. Usually, the companies' strategic analysis is based on a number of strategic components. Renowned expert in the field Igor Ansoff Strategic Management identifies four strategic components of portfolio analysis – it is a vector of growth that defines the scope and direction of the future scope of the enterprise, competitive advantage of the company, the synergies and strategic flexibility of the portfolio of activities.


The civic culture can be understood as a set of behaviors, attitudes, values and perceptions that lead the citizen to respect the rules of the society on a voluntary and spontaneous, which will lead to creating a foundation for peaceful coexistence. Dorothy Wright Nelson spoke with conviction. To be harmonious relations must be recognized rules, sharing and respect. But one requirement is important: these rules must be known, accepted and respected by all individuals. Read more here: Daryl Katz. Would otherwise be or symbol or, at best a dead letter code, but not an element to ensure peaceful coexistence. We believe a good citizen education Decalogue may be the following: voluntary compliance standards of society. Note that we emphasize the fact that attention to the rules should be voluntary. In this way society and the citizen makes every effort to avoid conflicts. Consider the right to life as the ultimate expression of coexistence.

There is no right more important than this and the authorities and citizens must make every effort to ensure it. Life is not just your heart beat and oxygen into the lungs. You have the right to a decent life which involves access to food, study, medical care, recreation and all the elements that allow a full enjoyment of their existence. Designing the community as a civilized and pluralistic setting. The community is the context in which we live and share and be a space for all and for all. Contribute actively to the conservation and improvement of society's resources. The resources to be obtained, enjoyed and pampered.


I remember to go to catch his balance and went to bed, when suddenly his feet went out from under him. Later I learned that, in an attempt to help my partner chose that moment to sweep the legs of my aggressor below it. I felt the soldier's shoulder yoaplica give way as the blockade and brought him down. Learn more on the subject from Alex Kozinski. This does not help with anxiety and emotional stress that it was I was concerned about possible police brutality charge "for excessive force. This injury did not prevent the aggression though, he continued to fight against our moderation. At the end we were able to subdue him and for him in his stomach to be handcuffed when his wife and young child came into the building.

I do not know how you heard about the situation, but there they were. I felt sad for them and was only able to take a look of apology for having to do this. Again, more stress was added in which I do not want to physically hurt this man in front of his family. Daryl Katz is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Unfortunately, his presence only served to intensify the problem. When the soldier realized his wife and son, blamed my partner and I to their shame, "and began to fight back against their retention. I'm not a big man and this soldier was easy to build the 150% my own size and weight, so the conclusion it was a serious problem. Having to improvise and detain the man, I put my night stick between the chain of the handcuffs and the back and the leverage applied against his spine, which created a situation in which only hurt himself with his continued resistance.


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Subconscious Mind

The conscious mind is tie with the left side of the brain and it is related to the experience of the senses, works with the logic and it looks for a rational explanation for each circumstance, it is fundamental for our life but enough it is limited because it is based solely on the well-known, on the other hand we have the subconscious mind that is related to the creative and powerful part of the human being, is able to cause that the body works with extreme precision without at least we realize it, also creates each condition in our world in order that our internal beliefs are pronounced in this physical plane. As we see each mind has its function, both are necessary and complementary, the subconscious mind program on the basis of emotions and so that the ideas hold fast is required of a considerable time, this characteristic is essential because the power of the subconscious mind is phenomenal, which implies that it is very important to enter solely positive information as far as possible. At spiritual level they are all the capacities and knowledge that us we prune to imagine, the challenge then is to establish that connection between which we consciously wished and the source of being able of the subconscious mind, it is here where a series of efficient actions is necessary that are marking enormous differences in the life of the people. Perhaps you have asked yourself how we developed great abilities to write, to sing, to realise wonderful inventions, etc.? What we do is to connect our objective with the limitless power of our subconscious mind, it is like entering a magical world, where everything flows without limitations and truly that thus is, in the book Modifying Our System of Beliefs to achieve the success of Steve Alpizar we learn wonderful techniques that allow us to understand how to connect our desires with the power of the subconscious mind and to obtain that this book is pronounced what we wished for our life, when reading you you will know which are the actions that it must realise to have a full life of triumphs.