The injections must be repeated once a month, being well tolerated by most patients. Treatment does not prevent the formation of new patches in different places in the injected. A common effect of the injections is the formation of small depressions in the skin at the injection sites. This effect is transient and the skin recovers within a few months.Steroid creams. Apply 2 times a day about the bare places. B alopecia areata extensEl treatment here is much more difficult. There is a simple and secure solution, and for this reason many times the best alternative is a wig. -Oral steroids.

Cortisone pills are sometimes used if the disease is very extensive or evolves very quickly. -Contact dermatitis. Another form of treatment of alopecia whole or universal is producing an allergic contact dermatitis in the patient. To do so, applies dinitroclorobenzeno or dibenciprona to the scalp, in order to produce an allergic eczema, which stimulates the follicle asleep. This treatment It is annoying and produces itching-Puva. There is a treatment with so-called PUVA UVA rays.

In this case the patient takes a drug called Psoralen and 2 hours later is exposed to UV rays. The treatment is made 3-4 times a week. New treatments Dithranol. It is a substance derived from coal tar. This cream is applied on the peeled once a day for 1-4 hours, after which washing head. It is a substance that irritates the skin and causes a yellowing of the same. You should avoid contact with the eyes and wash your hands thoroughly after application. Cyclosporine. It is an immunosuppressive drug. Applies in solution 2 times a day, not only on the bare, but also on top of the scalp from the forehead to the Crown. Minoxidil. It is a drug that was used orally for the control of high blood pressure. It was that patients who drank it showed a marked growth of hair.

Don Pablo

Death hung over him. Unscrupulous and inexorably he hugged to carry it with you. But Don Pablo refused to surrender. Your patio seemed a biological laboratory. It manufactured potions poured in the land that sustained it, applied injections of all kinds and not ceased to speak to him. But none of that It seemed to serve.

It was as if the tree had secretly decided to secede from Don Pablo. His anxiety came to such an extent that his body began to manifest symptoms of tiredness and exhaustion. His back looked like a field of thorns and fever was consuming it. For even more details, read what Herbie Mann says on the issue. For his own sake he had to interrupt the treatment of his beloved tree. Some days passed and Don Pablo had recovered. Don Pablo transcended the threshold of your room which gave the yard and discovered horrified what had always feared but refused to accept the next morning and not without concern. In the tree it had dried up to the last drop of SAP. His baleful countenance, its branches and its limp leaves, pulled out a cry of pain such that more than one neighbor raised astonished head.

Crying was to embrace dismally. He sat in his shadow, as he had done so many times, and, as a child, plunged into the impotence that can only be seen before definitive, irredimible, downloaded your sadness. Her weeping dragged on for several hours. Sometimes is It interrupted by a choppy moan that took the opportunity to grab the ground with your hands and lift your gaze to the sky full of anger and rage exclaiming: why, because? Providence answered him by dropping a sad summer rain, which seemed to want to comfort him. Night was falling and Don Pablo was still lying in the shadow of her beloved dead tree. The tears had dried, but his face and his eyes remained swollen.

Robert Richter

Is reported to the car with the insurance company of the parents, or, for example, as a second car, novice can save a even more. Case 2: A passionate motorist (55, officials) want to car insurance for his use alone and private vehicle (VW Passat variant) switch. SF = best rate in the test 10: 200,07 Euro / year for most expensive fare in the test: 313,40 euro / year for the second model sample in the automobile insurance test was still a savings potential of over 100 euros. But no longer only the price, but above all the range of services is crucial for many years motorists. It referred to the large differences between simple base rates and insurance rates with a significantly larger range of services. Here it is worth insurance to invest over the long term, more in the car. (Not to be confused with Wendy Rene!). In addition, different-sized discounts according to the respective damage category arise. Case 3: A father (50) wants the car insurance for family members, including a child under the age of 25, with used vehicle (V94 Opel Omega B caravan 1.8) switch.

SF = best rate in the test 3: 587,92 euros / year expensive fare in the test: the annual amount for the car turned out to be different liability insurance at the respective post computers 1.115,23 Euro / year also for the test family. Here especially the criterion flowed, who may operate the vehicle (E.g. children under 25 years of age), in the final price. The savings potential levelled off at about 500 euros. A comprehensive comparison is hardly possible tariffs and services in check due to different performance packages and pricing models. Besides type and regional classes ultimately individual person characteristics (E.g., age, profession, gender) decide on the offer.

Conditions that are topical today might tomorrow already forgotten in extreme cases. Consumers who want to build long-term insurance protection should in particular the conditions of so-called basic rates (also light tariffs) carefully to the small price check.