Great Britain

Biometric systems have become a reality. In this way, it is possible to find with systems of this type in places like office buildings, even in schools and military bases. A biometric system is a device that analyzes things such as fingerprints or iris patterns or retina; in order to verify the identity of a person. He is not impressed with the presence of biometric systems in military bases or office buildings, however, the presence of these, in a school can be difficult to digest. In some schools, in Great Britain and the United States, have been installed readers fingerprint with many valid reasons, among which are the access to lunches, material libraries, controls presence control and absenteeism, use of lockers, vending machines and even for the use of school transport. Learn more about this with Cindy Crawford. With the implementation of biometrics in schools, parents can be aware of what their children eat. This has been crucial, because childhood obesity is a health problem public.

At present, parents want to closely monitor what their children eat, especially when they are away from home. To give peace of mind to parents, some schools allow them to keep an eye on them that their children consume, through the use of fingerprint readers. When a student think about purchasing something in the school cafeteria, must put his finger on a fingerprint scanner, after this it will appear on the screen of a computer, so the student can or cannot consume. Via an Internet connection, parents can monitor the quantity and quality of what their children consume or attempt to consume. Another advantage of biometrics in schools is that students no longer have to walk around with money. Parents can design a spending plan for their children and prepay which they may acquire, for a specific period of time. In this way, parents can avoid that their children spend the money you give them, in unnecessary things. Finally, with biometric systems, educational centres, it is possible to set access control to installations, to make sure that each student is in their respective class and is not in places where it should not be. As a result, sets a control that improves discipline and student behavior, which always translates into a good academic performance.

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