The Paradigm

Habit #2 know much grateful talk lately about gratitude and cultivate the Thanks, not only for the things we have, but towards people who help us. But despite this the majority of the people only gratitude cultivated 5 minutes a day and spends hours in a negative mood. Gratitude transforms enormously if used regularly and it is therefore the second habit that I recommend. Tip to create this habit: looking for fun ways to cultivate gratitude in your life, get used to give thanks when you open your eyes in the morning and before going to sleep at night. Another way to be grateful is to give thanks to our food to sit at the table and while we are feeding us. Actions demonstrates your gratitude to people who have helped you or persons that housewives and that you fill with love between more you amazes thank things you have in day to day, easier will be vibrating in gratitude and allowing the universe to send you more miracles for which thank. Tip #3 Se feliz as a priority the paradigm in which we live today tells us that we do not have any power on the circumstances of our life we must conform ourselves and sacrificing us because someday when we go to heaven will receive rewards in the world who refused us.

It is believed that things happen by chance and that there is no way to change them, besides that we live in a valley of tears and come here to suffer. The new paradigm that we are opening our consciousness is the take out our inner power that outside attach to the inside and not the other way round. So do not expect that things are as you want me to be happy. Be happy from now abroad will begin to attach to your internal energy. Tip to create this habit: meditate and relax daily, for more than 2 minutes do not let negative feelings to tarnish your life, looking for ways to be happy at all costs and make it a habit. Come to the blog and tell us as I was with these 3 habits to receive the free book the law of attraction, how to make use of a law that governs your life for better or for worse visit Olivia page Kings original author and source of the article