Building Triceps

To begin with, now that we distinguish those major muscle groups, which are involved in our major competitive moves, and therefore they should be given more attention. Of course, all these divisions we make purely probation. Thus, to begin to build a cycle of preparation, I recommend to the bench. What are the main muscles involved in the bench, as well as on what you want to draw attention in particular. This chest, front delta, triceps, biceps, tremendous back. All the small muscle groups, we decided not to pay attention, because they are so good to load. Breast basically get loads of bench press barbell while lying down. The triceps is stronger than the breast so it needs swapping.

Delta therefore always on the verge of peretrenerovannosti, it does not touch us. Expanding into the back bench and participate more statically bound to them ought krovushku drive. Biceps is involved not only in stabilizing the bench when, as well as In all other competitive moves, it must swing. Download shoulders, bench presses on an incline bench, doing breast wiring – this is unnecessary and not needed, especially if you had a bad press! Learn how to never do too much, do not need to finish the muscles that you feel is not tired. You have done the basic work, pretty pat muscle group, who participated in the work, stop. That's pretty much what we all do now to "regimes" training and to pay attention to that now. And what are we to ignore? I give figures, but without specific binding, as well as a breakdown in kilograms. For example, heavy exercise: bench press 3 sets of 5-6 repetitions, where the last repetition is at the limit, but without help.

Next 1 to exercise the triceps at 3 approaches for 12-15 reps. Here, the main pump semitendinosus triceps, ie "Catch up" in his blood. Then the tremendous torment about how and triceps: 3 sets of 12-15 repetitions for, well, biceps – 2 exercises. One of them – "hammer" or neck lifts reverse grip in a number of approaches for 20-30 repetitions. Then we have with you 72 hours and leg workout, then another 72 hours, and then we again arrive at the bench. And the next workout regimes is scheduled to be easy. Do bench press 3 sets of 8-10 reps, but with what weight? For example, on a heavy bench presses training you shook 100kg * 6 and it was almost the limit. Then now you'll be doing 65-70 kg and this will be what you need! Then we have the triceps, you can repeat the exercises from the last time with the same load. And, I almost forgot and this is important! If you have a sore ligament elbow joint due to any exercise, the exercises for triceps and did not forget to remember, until cured. Find yourself an exercise for the triceps, in which the elbow will not feel pain. Most love to do dips with a weight belt. One of my pupil at one time push-ups with a weight of 120 kg, with the personal weight of 80 kg. Since his elbow injury never took place. He eventually grew to 10 kg per year, but we're with him hardly given up this seemingly great exercise and results in the bench began to grow. For 2-va, he added, in about 100 kg bench press, never wrung out from the boards at all.