Breeding Bees

Usually apiary placed at the manor next to a residential home. An amateur beekeeper who lives in the city, can accommodate bee family garden plots, if conditions allow it medsbora. Apiarist apiary has placed on garden plots, must have on hand antihistamines: diphenhydramine, suprastin. Prohibit the keeping of bees on the garden plot is impossible, since without entomophilous culture will not bear fruit. For bees pose a great danger of pesticide poisoning, which are used for processing the garden. Successful choice of the area and specific site for placing beehives in an environment rich sources medsbora – one of the most important conditions of high productivity bee colonies.

Based on the information determine the potential of honey on the ground during the season. Choose a site around which a radius of 2-3 km is a large number of honey plants bloom in different times. It is important that the area grew enough early spring honey plants and pyltsenosov without which greatly weakened over wintering bees can not build a sufficient number of young bees to replace the old specimens. Apiary located on the south or south-eastern slope of a small hill. The area should be dry or well-warmed by the sun, preferably with a rare vegetation for the orientation of bees. Along the fence are planted dense windbreaks. It is not permissible to place the estate on the cheese, the shaded area, moisture inhibits bees, contributes to the development of several diseases. Apiary should be located near the road, so you can carry bees in honey collection.