Smoking and Willpower

The idea of quitting smoking – a rate not to "will power" and bet on brains. Intellectual looking for the problem, the root cause, and a fool is struggling with the consequences. For example, an ideological person, wishing to quit smoking, first conceived of the main reason smoking, that he was forced to start smoking. Awareness of the main reasons for smoking becomes a kind of insight into the smoker's mind when a person becomes understand what must be done to make this the main reason for smoking has stopped working. All steps in the free mini-course "How to quit smoking for the umpteenth time, but forever" (see links) focused on the excitement and the predominance of ideology, mental component in quit rates. For example, if a person knows exactly what he personally likes to not smoking (health, freedom, clean air, etc.), then making sense of all these advantages, a longing to these pluses will like a light bulb in my head and give the smoker light orientations. If a person under items raspishet how smoking harms him personally (cancer, addiction, constant stench, etc.), the realization of all these drawbacks of smoking will help thrower smoke in a difficult moment, when his abstention would pull a cigarette. And what happens, people in the throes quit a week later, he thinks: "A nafig me all this must be!" That's why First you need to take an ideological base, think of all the moments, including this one: "nafig you all have?" It seemed such a simple thing should be clear to all.

But it's not quite true. Because many people think that is enough awareness of harm to the health and strength of will. " In addition, people often refer to the formal comprehension of such moments, which leads to negative results. Common errors in compiling lists of pros, when a person quits smoking, and cons of smoking is a formal relationship to the case. Man, all these pros and cons of taking from the ceiling to just quickly make a list.

Often, these pros and cons do not have to list a person making an irrelevant and unrelated to the his personal experience. For example, a banal point about the harm to health may work only for those who have personally encountered a really Harmful smoking. It is clear that for many young this item in health will be irrelevant. Knowledge – is also an idea. When a person throws, just hoping for a "willpower," then this one. And when a person relies on some regularity, it gives strength. Knowledge – force. Here is the article sheds light on one law – the meaning and force of ideas for throwing smoke. So use on health.

Summer Vacation As A Gift To Your Health

There is no better elixir for the human body than the country recreation, uniting man and nature. (C) Do you know what, man, get enough rest, is more availability, and productivity than those who prefer to rest a permanent job? And wonder if you ever that complete rest is necessary for your health as the air? Especially useful country recreation, helping recuperate after a hard day's work. That is why today is so popular recreation center, located out of town. In addition, there is a view of some scholars who argue that brings great benefit to the body pastime in the countryside recreation centers, where reigns the miraculous power of nature. And such a holiday would be a boon to your health.

Specialists bring at least 5 proofs of this assertion. First of all, spending time on the suburban recreation centers, you give yourself the natural peace and tranquility. It is known that the noise pollution that exists in modern cities, can have a devastating impact on the human body, especially on his nervous system. Secondly, the country rest gives you a miraculous clean air, so gently deliquescent in your lungs. And many pine trees, birches, lindens saturate the country air magical aroma.

Especially useful country recreation for children. Because their bodies are not so much stronger, and prone to the negative influence of dust and gaseous air pollution in cities. It is known that in the low ground layers Air observed the highest dust and gas pollution. And small children are more affected by adverse effects of pollutants than adults. Also during the summer heat in the air the city is becoming so polluted that there be very dangerous to your precious health. Third, the country rest is unthinkable without a lake or river, where guests can swim. And the benefit of solar and air baths even out the competition. All these procedures will help to harden your body, strengthening the immune system. Yet we should not forget about the importance of dosing time spent in the sun. Scientists are strongly encouraged limit the time in the sun from 12 noon to 17 pm. Fourthly, the country recreation as well as possible helps the development of motor activity. Action games (football, volleyball, etc), biking and roller skating, swimming in the river, all have a miraculous effect on your body. Any physical activity, especially in the fresh air, improves metabolic processes, saturating the body with oxygen. And finally, walking through the woods, accompanied by collecting berries and mushrooms will give you a charge of vivacity and good mood. Agree, your body deserves such a gift. Take care of your health!